Treatments Apr 19, 2020

People lose mobility for many reasons and this will be diagnosed first. Short overactive muscles can cause pain putting pressure on other tissues such as nerve roots. We have many techniques to reduce muscle tightness but with also analyse other structures. You may be familiar with continual ineffective hamstring stretching but if the root cause of this tightness is lumbar spine stiffness or nerve tightness then we will address these dysfunctions to help improve your flexibility. Known pathologies can cause loss of motion e.g. osteo or rheumatoid arthritis, joint swelling, adhesive capsulitis. There are many remedies to help reduce the effect of these pathologies and guide you to self manage.

Tight muscles can cause inflammation at their attachments especially during growth spurts - we see many children and adolescents are are troubled by growth plate pain (eg Severs / Osgood Schlatters / Rectus Femoris attachment). Our aim is to create an environment that allows you to continue sport during this phase.

Nerves can become ‘sticky’ following a period of inflammation so we can apply techniques to offload them e.g. taping / advising on sleep, rest and working positions / checking work station set up. They often pass through muscles and close to joint capsules so we are able to mobilise nerves as well as joints to provide the slide and glide that they need to remain healthy and pain free.

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