Conditions that we treat

Treatments Apr 19, 2020

In all honesty we treat all musculoskeletal conditions. If you are unsure please drop us a message and we can reassure you that we have the expertise but to name a few

  • Sports Injuries - all injuries with our wealth of experience from elite to amateur including paediatric specific conditions
  • Spinal & neck pain - this is our bread and butter. We are here to reduce pain, analyse the root cause and help with preventing any re-occurrence. ¬†We use spinal manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue release, acupuncture, taping and restorative exercise.
  • Work station analysis - this can be arrange as a home visit, video consultation or by discussion of optimal set ups and advise on equipment that you may benefit from. Included is help with work pauses and desk exercises.
  • Posture - we can use photo feedback and mirrors to help understand your posture and sense how to make corrections. This will be reinforced with exercises to help maintain a good alignment.
  • Pre-post natal therapy to include analysis of pelvic alignment (pubic symphysis and sacro-iliac joint), abdominal control at each layer (check for rectus diastasis) and review lumbar spine health
  • Arthritis
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