Latest News Sep 01, 2021


Protocol for delivery of care will follow Chartered Society of Physiotherapy guidance, which can be found here;

The aim of this policy is to protect patients and therapists, limit the spread of any potential viruses and allow the clinic to operate efficiently.

Patients agree to T&C’s on booking, including self declaration that they are not a household contact of a +ve Covid case within 10 days of onset or test date. In these circumstances patients can accept remote consultation virtually. Patients receive guidance on operational procedures with booking confirmation. To avoid any overlap patients are asked to arrive no earlier than the appointment  time, use door buzzer and sanitiser and wait outside. Hand washing signage will be placed by sink with soap dispenser filled with appropriate commercial anti-bacterial grade hand soap.

Therapists will use PPE according to PHE donning / doffing guidelines and  wear clothing  solely for clinical use, changed daily and cleaned at  60 degrees Celsius. Patients over age 11 and chaperones are required to continue to wear face masks. If medically exempt they will be offered a virtual consultation instead.

Patients are screened for signs and symptoms upon arrival. In the event that a patient attends the practice environment while exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with a respiratory illness, whether COVID-19 is suspected or not, the physiotherapist must advise that they leave and arrange PCR test. The therapist has the right to refuse to provide face to face services if the patient or their chaperone appears to be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


Alpine Physiotherapy will maintain effective cleaning and disinfection practices. Patient contact items will be cleaned and disinfected between each patient/use. Examples include but are not limited to: treatment beds/chair/ exercise equipment/goniometers/reflex hammers/Pin pads

High touch, non-patient care items will be cleaned and disinfected no less than once a day, and more frequently as use and circumstances warrant. Examples include but are not limited to: doorknobs, floor surfaces, light switches, door buzzer, washrooms, sinks/faucets, hand sanitizer and soap dispensers, clinic desk, clipboards, pens, keyboard, phone. A tray is provided in the waiting area for patient shoes, phone and keys to be left in UV sanitising box, clothes to be left on plastic chair in clinic room. Towels for draping are single use and washed at 60 degrees.

Disposal of waste

Therapists discard masks/ gloves as per donning and doffing guidelines.                All waste double bagged ( regular bag inside clinical waste bag) and left for 72 hours before disposal.


Patients can pay by cash left directly in a cash box, by credit card using tap & go or if required by the card provider, chip & PIN.  The device is cleaned after any contact.  We also accept direct bank transfers.

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